I think I just found my wedding dream shoe! (swoons!) (Found HERE)
Oh my gosh I love them...but I've never spent $90 on ANY article of clothing before (the wedding dress doesn't count), and I'm not quite sure I can justify this. eeek.

Here are a couple others that I was considering:


(Ebay, Ballroom dance shoes seller)




Although I just found these and really like them. They're Bandolino, but $70 at zappos...still a little high priced for me (ideal is around or less than $50 and something I wouldn't mind wearing again)

They all would go great with my dress...because of the unique color and detailing, I can't do a colored or extravagant shoe...which I'm fine with. But finding a suitable shoe is proving to be difficult. And not only that but I'm tall, so no alterations were needed as far as hemming goes, which means I can only wear about a 2-3" heel (if even that much) to get the right amount of "off the ground" but not too high. It's a little complicated!! haha.

Where did you guys buy your shoes?
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