So I started going on a diet about two weeks ago, and this is a MUST, my wedding dress is too small! haha.
I am aiming to lose 30 lbs overall, but I only need to lose about 10. Well I was doing great, as of Thursday, I had lost about 3.5 lbs, and I was super excited. but...I kinda messed up the weekend. It's easy for my to eat healthy during the week when I'm active and working and have short breaks and all that. But during the weekend I had a lot of time and ate junk Sunday night I was up the 3.5 lbs hahaha. oh boy!! I think I'm going to have to implement some more discipline. I created a Spark People Page (HERE), and I am tracking mostly just my measurements and weight, and I have actually found a community of other brides there who are losing weight.. it's kinda fun :)
Well here comes another week of counting calories :)
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