So some of you may remember my post from earlier about my love for the "Postcup", and my disappointment in the price tag...
Sooo... I decided to make my own. I figured it couldn't be that expensive and I wanted to make something really special for my honey for valentines day anyway (I had to wait to post this until he had gotten his package in the mail..teehee!), since it was our first valentines day as a couple.
I first went to Target and bought two plain white glass mugs, and then to Michaels Craft Store to get the special glass permanent market, the Pebeo Porcelaine 150 Pen.

I'll let my pictures tell the rest:

Wash the cups to get rid of fingerprints, debri and dust.

This next step is very crucial: put on your favorite movie to watch while working on the cups (haha), my movie of choice was "Love And Other Disasters" with the ever-lovely Brittany Murphy.

Just to be sure I didn't make an un-fixable error on the actual cup, I practiced and decided first what I would inscribe/draw on the cups. I also made my own "stencils" out of construction paper to help things go on straight and how I'd like it (specifically the postmark)

Eek!! :)

The first cup:

The second cup:

And my two finished products, let them dry overnight for at least 24 hours and baked at 350 degrees for 30 minutes to make the ink permanent!

I like the second one best but overall I was pretty pleased with my first attempts. My fiance really loved them as well and I had so much fun doing it!

Glass mugs from Target: $2.99
Special glass-permanent pen: $5.99
Creating something that my fiance and I can enjoy for a long time together? Priceless.

(those are my favorite commercials :):)))
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