Okay, I simply had to share this because it is way too cute.

This is my craft for the week (I normally don't have a craft of the week, but maybe I should haha), and as soon as I make a few, I will be posting pictures.

I found an online pattern for how to make these, and from the looks of it, it's super easy!
(you can find the pattern here)

Oh and I'm also considering making it a wedding favor, but I'm going to look into the cost and time first:

My mom and I have so much fabric laying around the house, and I think these would be cute both individually and as a mobile...and I will definitely be displaying these in my house once my fiance and I get married.

Speaking of house decorations.. found something else I love that I am looking into getting for our home:

This is one of my favorite, but you can check out the sellers additional wall vinyls HERE. They do custom orders as well (I have never personally ordered from them however), and I think it would be so neat to somehow get a silhouette of my fiance and I, standing together hand in hand, or embracing or something similar.
Maybe a silhouette of this picture:

(one of my favorite engagement pictures!! Photo Credits: Brittany Sherland)

I love any DIY or fun home decor projects and ideas, feel free to share your favorites!
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