So, we never sent out Save-The-Dates because we ourselves didn't save the date...haha. We ended up changing our date... (counts)..1,2,3,4 times. And still we don't have a definite date! We're varying between two - it depends mostly on what happens with our venue.
Anyway, so our save the dates has been more word-of-mouth. Even though we don't know it yet, but most everyone knows it's either the Saturday or Sunday of that one weekend (no more changing the weekend!)
But - I stumbled upon these adorable and unique save the dates, that makes me want to send them out for fun anyway.
Now normally, I would completely disregard anything related to electronic invitations, I prefer snail-mail, I find it charming and a lost art. But I love these, and I would definitely consider doing these as save-the-dates, even though our wedding is only four months away now. They are so cute...and an amazing price! I haven't done it, but I heard it's 60 invites for $5. Yay!!
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