I've been hooked on the idea of non-matching bridesmaids dresses since the day I got engaged. I absolutely love being different, and for my vintage/rustic/whimsical themed wedding, I thought it would fit the theme splendidly...
My Inspiration:

Problem: I didn't foresee some complications: not everyone loving their dresses.
Now, allow me to say I have the most amazing girls in my party, I love them dearly and I know if it came right down to it, they would wear whatever I wanted them to...but really, would I want to do that to them?! Another goal of mine was to get a dress they might consider wearing again.. because my wedding isn't very formal (but not super casual, like obviously there will be no one in jeans!), I figured not buying traditional BM dresses would be great, and a budget-alternative (two of my BM's are still in college).
My main inspiration has been I simply adore their collection of dresses! Vintage, but elegance and classiness all in one. Oh, and fashion-conscious!
My main issue has been my colors: my dress isn't traditional white so not all colors really "go" with it. My wedding colors are beige/cream and dusty pale pink.

And I haven't had much luck finding dresses like this.
This was my original ensemble:

First and third dress from Modcloth, second dress from Charlotte Russe and last dress from J.Crew, with prices ranging from $25-$100, the average price came to $62 for each BM. I thought that was great... but not all my bridesmaids were so keen on their dresses. Soo.. I began the search again.

And kinda gave up after awhile...
so now I'm considering having them all wear the same dress:

From modcloth.
Still don't love it as much as the idea of wearing different dresses, but the girls are at least appeased somewhat...

any other ideas are appreciated! just trying to keep it less than $100!!
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