I'm brainstorming some invitation ideas. In lieu of my previous post, yes, I am DIYing my invites! yay.
Here are my favorite ideas:

Cute, huh?
I am probably getting my paper from Archivers in Coon Rapids, MN. My sister got her paper from there when she made her wedding invites.
Like I said in my previous post, I'm looking to incorporate lace and a vintage theme into my wedding invitations...I've never found something online that I absolutely love and really reflects me, my fiance and our theme.
I'm thinking of "aging" the paper with coffee - I used to do this a lot to create unique sheet music, and then frame it and hang it up in my room. It's a cheap and adorable option for art...if you like that kind of stuff. (there is a brief "how-to" HERE)

(here is an example of some of my aged sheet music)

Also, something else I'm considering for my invites is rubber stamps, I love the look of them, and you can create such unique things with it. I have a rubber stamp very similar to this one, except that mine has illegible text as well (it looks "old-fashioned")

you can get this stamp at

So something like that might be neat. My colors are pale pink and cream, so I'll be incorporating those two colors, and how I might do lace is simply tie the invites shut with a lace ribbon.

I'm merely brainstorming, but it's a basic idea... I'll have to post more after the bridal showcase at archivers! I'm so excited!

Oh, I also want to highlight these, they are tutorials on how some brides DIYed their invites, super cute:
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