She has the most adorable patterns, I simply adore them.
Now, I don't know how to quilt - my grandmother taught me when I was 12 and I have since forgotten, but that is a goal of mine for 2010: take a quilting class...maybe with my mom? She is big on crafting, sewing - I love that about her. And I want to be more like that for sure.
When my grandmother taught me to sew, she also gifted to me her sewing machine, sadly it's been out of use the last couple years, though I used to use it more as a teenager.

As soon as my mister gets settled into his apartment (he'll be moving here in March, and I'll move in right after the wedding), I hope to start making things like this for our home. (I would start now, only I have no place for any additional things, I'm currently sharing a room with my 5 yr old sister, and it's small as it is)

I love the "love" wall art. It is simply splendid.
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